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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

bag lady

Bags bags bags! First it was hats hats hats, now I've moved south in another yarn vortex.

From the Happy Hooker book, my first attempt at tapestry. Yikes.

I also made the Fat Bottom Bag in purple cotton, too cute!

However, it totally needs to be lined. Me = not so good at the sewing.

I also worked up my fabulous Noro wool into a little tote bag. It was much easier to felt than I expected, and the colors are mystical. It didn't come out exactly like I thought it would, and I'm now a little disappointed that my beautiful Noro has now taken the shape of this thing.

On the counterfeit crochet front, I am nearly finished with my Chanel's an early pic of progress, no detail yet

I've actually gotten much more work done on it, and will post pics later. It is super glam. !!!!!!

In yarn masochism, I am hooking some sweet Regia sock yarn into a tote bag. On a 'B' hook. In single crochet. It should be done by the time I reach menopause.

In other bagtastic news, I am also *almost* done with the tapestry tote bag from Family pics of progress yet, though :( Rest assured, it has improved my tapestry skill from my first exercise.

...and I have plenty of work to do on the SWS bag....but who cares, cause the yarn is soft like buttah, and I have like 12 freakin skeins of it. (Yes, I am going on a total yarn diet. I swear. I might even skip the Farmhouse Yarns sale.)


Anonymous said...

Ok, next time I need something felting I'm gonna be knocking on your door because I suck at it. :-)

Dawn said...


where oh where is the pattern for the sws bag? i have several skeins languishing and i love how that takes advantage of the color changes in a non-stripy way!

...oh yeah, got distracted...please do come join the ripple along! just send me your email address so i can tell blogger to invite you!

kyogadawn (at) visi (dot) com.

Rina said...

I love how all the bags turned out. Looking forward to seeing the chanel knockoff purse.

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