That is off tha hook! No, actually, it still is on the hook...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I have hands, why aren't I running the ship?!

I remember hearing that when I was 13 and thinking it was fucking hilarious.

I need another set of hands if I somehow intend to crochet projects and blog about them at the same time. And update mystupid Myspace, and play PackRat on Facebook.

Honestly, I DID finish my TDF scarf. and never took pics.

And then became entirely engrossed in the Ravelympics, not to mention the actual Olympics, a vacation, and just enjoying life. Real life.

Balance. I'll get there. Right now, most of my life is really and actually occurring offline, with small jaunts into the weird world of teh internets. That is so ok with me after a long bout with self-absorption and avoidance. Hi!

So I'll EVENTUALLY post those finished object pictures of my Crochet-a-long projects, and update my Ravelry etc, but not today.

If I were to grow that other set of hands, my center of gravity would be thrown, and I'd need to re-learn how to attempt being centered. Cause that's a work in progress, that's for sure.

So think about this:

Hyper Death Babies

Hyper Death Babies

watching you watching me