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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Time trials.

Cruising along on my Tour De France KAL/CAL. I'm thinking now that this might have been too easy to do for the Polka Dot Jersey. I've finished 2 of the 6 sections in just 3 days of the race. order to 'challenge' myself even more, I decided to modify the pattern slightly: by adding clear beads (I've never beaded anything before) to the Section III motifs. I only have size 6 on hand. I think it will work, and add to the drape of the stole when finished and blocked. I plan on also beading in the border on the short edges, too.

Here's side 1, Section I:

Side 1, Section II:

And Side 1, Section III, a pattern and a quarter (or so) repeat, with beading begun.

At this pace, I might whip out another stole before the race is over. (Okay, no need to go crazy, Suzy.)

Meanwhile, the actual race goes on. My team is struggling, and have only one rider in the top 30 at this time. The new American teams are making a good show of it, and the usual riders are predictably placing. No surprises yet, few crashes, no doping, no controversies to speak of. All in all, a good, interesting race so far. The mountains will once again make or break men, soon enough.

It's funny, but watching the Tour makes me ride my own bike harder. I think of words like "cadence." I push myself more. I sweat more, yay! I think: "shit, if those guys can ride a bike for 5 hours at a time, I can make it home in less than 17 minutes. Woot!


Shirley said...

I was told that you didn't have a blog and I emailed you to see if you were working on anything for the TdF KAL. I was able to look you up on Ravelry and noticed that you do have a blog. I hope it's OK that I'll link to it on the TdF KAL blog. Please let me know if it isn't.
Your team leader

Shirley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
soozies said...

HI! Sure, it's ok. I do have a blog, but rarely update it. I've decided to use the Tour to not only work on a project, but to challenge myself to consistently blog as well.

yay! Go AG2R La Mondial!

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