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Thursday, July 10, 2008

smell my bag

I posted this on Ravelry in the 'Namaste Love Group' (not to be confused with the 'Knitting Bag Lust' group I have also joined.) - but I make my appeal to all, far and wide, beyond the boundaries of the Ravelry community.


So I found an inexpensive Namaste Laguna in charcoal on Ebay and snatched it up. It was promptly shipped and delivered to my job. I left positive feedback for the seller, and did a happy dance of handbag joy. (you know the one, you've done it too.)

A couple of days pass. I don't immediately use my new (used) bag because I can't figure out how to explain the appearance of a new handbag to my husband. ("you know, the Pocket Book Fairy came to see me today" just won't work)

So, I can't stand it any longer, and decide I MUST use my new fabulous bag. I'll stick with the Fairy story and take my licks.

BUT. (there's always a but)

I started putting things in my bag. I went out for a walk with it. I returned to work. I took my glasses out of my bag. THEN it hit me: the unusual odor omg. I think my bag must have had a *dead fish* in it. Or maybe a live one, I don't know. I did buy it second-hand. Who knows what the first hand put in there. It definitely was not yarn. Maybe a bunch of seacell, but I can't be sure.

This is perhaps why it was such a bargain on Ebay. (?) I made everyone in my office smell the bag. Everyone at my job now dislikes me, for making them smell my fish bag. ("Hey, this smells awful. You've GOT to smell it.") Noses scrunch up at me now. They already thought I was a nut case with all the yarn.

So, I guess the question is: how do I rid the bag of the smell? Returning it is not an option, I love the style too much, and I already gave glowing feedback.


What shall I do? I put a bag of aromatic herbs that I purchased at the CTSF in there, but now it smells like I'm baking a trout with lavender in the bottom of this thing.

Dry cleaner? Baking soda? Febreeze? Cedar chips? Odor Eaters? Always Maxi Pads to absorb odor? I'm not kidding, I'll try anything.



CinderOla said...

I would try a little bit of baking soda first. Either that wipe the inside with a cloth dampened with a little bit of vinegar.

jennsquared said...

I was gonna say coffee because when you go into a candle store or perfume counter, they always have coffee beans for neutralizing the smell. So maybe some coffee beans or coffee grinds? (in some kind of container of course!) Another thing I used on clothes to rid of smoke smell after the clubs are deep clean fabreeze, not the regular kind, the deep clean kind (it's got orange spray thingy). I spray it and let it dry, and repeat 2 more times. You might have to repeat more times since dead fish smell is probably stronger than smokes.

Shirley said...
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Shirley said...
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Shirley said...

Sorry about the deletes! First it double posted them and then I noticed a big mistake. I'll try again.

Nice looking bag. I've used cat litter but I'm not sure if it was the cat litter or time or air that got rid of the smell! Maybe rolled up newspapers?

costumechick said...

Vodka. I kid you not. we use a half vodka, half water mixture to spray on costumes to remove odor. The vodka kills the odor bacteria, but totally evaporates, leaving no smell at all behind. (Your bag won't smell like a martini. I promise) we use the 10 dollar for a gallon nasty vodka, but the good stuff will work too, if you want to sacrifice it for your bag.

that guy said...

Seeing as a fish is a water animal and it smells dead, the polar opposite should remove the stink.

Put a live lemur in your bag for at least a day. Then POOF! odor.

Actually, I was gonna say try the baking soda and Fabreeze routine but that seemed so mundane. Good luck.

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