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Friday, June 15, 2007

Where there's smoke....

Is it a bad thing when smoke comes out of your computer? And it shuts itself off and wont turn back on again?

Yeah, I thought so.

At least I didn't set the house on fire.

I may have a major disaster on my hands. My music! My photos! My, my yarn charts and patterns! ::weep::

Meh, it's just another adventure. And lesson: get a goddamned external hard drive. And back up my work. And I don't have to depend on any tech geek for this sort of thing...I can and will take care of it through my own devices. Which may just happen to entail asking the IT guys I work with for their 'opinion'. Or using the shitty desktop computer in the basement, and then merely shopping for a new laptop this weekend. Costco, anyone?

In a depressive frenzy after my computer issues, I went on a sort of shopping therapy binge:
1. Fit Flops, ridiculously overpriced flip flops that are supposed to be toning for your ass. Whatever. I, um, needed them.
2. Namaste Everyday Knitting Bag in rust. I broke down and just ordered it, finally. Well, after much deliberation as to who had it cheapest and did they also have any yarn there?(none I could afford, actually, having just spent too much on freaking flip-flops that will make my ass look better.)

So, I may not have a functional laptop, (but wait, that should give me more time to crochet with, right?) ... however I'll have an awesome yarn bag and a fucking fabulous ass. Could be worse.

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